August 20, 2022

Labour Party NEC Elections 2020

Why the LLA is conducting a hustings and ballot

Action Programme for the Left
(our minimum programme for candidates)

Our hustings event on 25th July

Candidates’ Replies to our Action Programme and Candidates’ Statements

Candidate List:

Candidate Responses:

Roger Silverman

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I’m writing to confirm that I agree wholeheartedly with all the points listed in the LLA action programme. As you will have seen, the 200-word statement I submitted to the Labour Party together with my nomination papers begins with this opening paragraph, which I believe provides ample evidence of my commitment to these principles.

Candidate Statement:

As an NEC member, I would campaign vigorously to restore the supremacy of party conference, uphold the democratic right of open selection of candidates for office, end arbitrary suspensions, and put forward radical socialist policies along the lines of the 2019 election manifesto.
I was born into a Labour family and have been a lifelong party activist. My father was a left Labour MP for 33 years and an elected member of the NEC. I am a branch delegate to the GC of my local party and was its main delegate to the 2019 annual conference.
Labour’s defeat in the December general election was a crushing setback, but despite media distortions it was not “the worst result since 1931”. Labour actually won more votes in 2019 than in 2015, 2010 or even 2005 (when Labour won). We are still the biggest political party in Europe.
We are currently living through a “perfect storm”: a deadly pandemic, the prospect of a devastating slump, the threat of environmental catastrophe. The Johnson government is already widely discredited. We must seize the opportunity to harness the energies of our half a million members to build a Britain for the many not the few

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Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I confirm my commitment towards LLA  minimum political  platform as you are fully  aware of my unshakeable and determined commitment  in this regard. 

As a  NEC candidate in the last election I refused to support or sign BOD pledges. My CLP is  the only CLP in London which passed a motion against the implementation of IHRC definition of anitsemitism and I am secretary of my CLP.  I was  one of very few NEC candidates  who wrote letters  to general secretary Jennie Formby, protesting against the suspension of Jo Bird , Mo Azam and Mohmood Mirza. To show solidarity, I was the only NEC candidate to have a sit-in protest outside party HQ against suspensions.

Candidate Statement:

A Labour party member for the last 12 years serving as

· A Chair of BLP/CLP Secretary of Ealing Southall CLP

I am a proud Unite activist, socialist with strong campaigning background as I have been campaigning since 2007. After being elected as CLP secretary in 2018 I transformed my CLP into fully active and functioning CLP.

I will

· Work closely with Party leadership, NEC and CLPs to fully implement the recommendations of the Democracy Review including OPEN SELECTION

· Make it my TOP PRORITY to fight for the rights of every GRASSROOTS member to make sure a fair & transparent disciplinary process is in place

· Seek NEC members to be more accountable to members/CLPs ,work to achieve good governance

· Improve the communication and report back to the members

· Be supporting our leadership to win back the trust of communities we lost in the last election and to bring a Labour Govt in next election

· Promote and fully support socialists’ policies to make Labour electable

· Work to make our members more empowered have a greater say on policies by making Conference a sovereign body

· Work to increase representation of underrepresented communities within party

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Carol Taylor-Spedding

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I confirm my support for all the clauses in the minimum programme laid down by the LLA for NEC candidates. With regards to the first clause, I absolutely agree that capitalism has failed the majority of people worldwide and is destroying the environment, we desperately need the Green New Deal proposed by the Labour party and even more radical policies. COVID-19 has shown clearly that socialist policies have been implemented to ensure people have been able to survive both financially and the actual virus. We have seen how the privatisation of social care and the NHS has resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. If we want the best for our children and grandchildren and the planet, then a different system is necessary but we need a detailed proposal on how this will be achieved in practice. I would be happy to be part of a group working on such a proposal. I support wholeheartedly all the other clauses.

Candidate Statement:

As a teacher of 42 years experience, a union rep and a parent, I have seen the inequalities and failings of our education system. As a KONP activist I know how successive governments have sold off our NHS by stealth and have not excluded it from the trade deal negotiations.

I am passionate about our 2019 manifesto. This COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how many of our policies are absolutely essential to the survival and quality of life of the majority in this country.

It is working people, not political careerists, who have the true power to change society. We must take back control of key sectors of the economy, so that we meets everyone’s needs, instead of feeding billionaires’ greed.

I fully support the abolition of the private school system, which entrenches privilege and entitlement in our country; making life-long education free; the development of a publicly owned, fully integrated, health and social care system; rebuilding our social housing stock to provide good, truly affordable, housing for all.

We must actively support grass roots campaigns and strengthen our trade unions. Open selection of MPs and dealing with systemic racism is essential to re-establish trust in our party.

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Alec Price

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

Agree with 1). Regular reports have been lacking for too long. A website, email list, video reports for use on social media and offers to speak at Labour meetings are the mechanisms we should expect from elected NEC reps to report back. I’ll commit to that. 

Agree with 2) The timetable for these elections can be summed up like a game of two halfs. The first half – lasting around 2 months is for nominations. There is then a “half-time” of around three weeks before the second half – the actual voting- begins for the next month or so.

I am opposed to the backroom deals that have previously and continue to be the method of choice for the “centre and left”, at the exclusion of many others. 

All candidates should be prepared to stand before the grassroots of our movement and put forward their position and face appropriate scrutiny. There should then be a mass participation to decide the list of candidates for the left, including the best tactics to maximise the vote.

Considering the timetable of this election, I call on candidates on the left to commit to such a discussion at the “half-time” juncture, where our movement will also have the benefit of seeing the nomination results and have a clearer idea of who will go forward to the ballot. This is the best way to ensure no “splitting the vote”. 

Agree with 3a, b, c,d) I authored and moved one of the 2 rule changes on exactly this point to be heard at the Labour 2018 conference and I played an active role in the Open Selection campaign at the time. It was maneuvered off the agenda by the NEC, but had majority support amongst the membership. This was one of the key mistakes made under Corbyn’s leadership. It will be harder for this to happen if we have genuine Socialists elected to the NEC.

We need members and affiliates – not those in positions of power such as MPs and Cllrs – to decide the politics, campaigns and selection for public office at all levels of the party.

This is best achieved through a sovereign national delegate conference and a District Labour Party at a local level.

3 e) Agree with qualifications. An unjust suspension is an injury to all.

Disciplinary action has taken the form of “politics by other means”, largely against socialists. Rather than take up the political arguments it has been seen by some as a way to remove disagreement with no political discussion at all. The political question (Labour being made up of 2 opposite classes) needs to be resolved for this to really end, not just procedures being changed. 

A 3 month time limit, sounds reasonable for most cases but may not be appropriate in all cases. There may have to be exemptions for this depending on the case complexity.

Political education should be linked to  extinguish the background drivers of many complaints.

I don’t agree that all cases should be overturned automatically, but they should be re-examined, and not just those within a 5 year time frame. Any unjust findings should be overturned. This can only happen if a genuine re-examination is able to take place and should therefore only be advanced at an appropriate time.

All trade unionist and socialist campaigners who support the Labour Party should be warmly invited and welcomed as Labour Party members.

3 f) Agree with qualifications

Anyone who campaigned against a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party, in 2017 in particular, was in reality campaigning against the NHS, trade unions and public ownership. It was siding with the bosses against workers.

The ‘leaked report’ was a bad – potentially illegal – way to deal with what appear to be some of the most serious offenses against the Corbyn leadership, the party membership and the wider working class as a whole.

A wider, democratic investigation is needed – under the control and direction of elected and accountable Labour members and affiliates and party conference – to get a true and fulsome understanding of a plethora of issues surrounding the alleged machiavellian antics, including the “chicken coup” of 2016, from anti-worker sections of the Labour and trade union movement.

Any crimes committed against our class should be met with zero tolerance.

3 g) Agree with qualifications

The Board of Deputies have no serious strategy to defeat racism and the far right and they have no accountability whatsoever to the Labour movement. Consequently, they should have no say in how our party is run, our membership criteria etc.

Most Jewish people, like every other identity, are working class. Genuine engagement with Jewish people should take the principles so successfully used at Cable street in 1936, when socialists and workers of all identities stood together to block the path of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. At the time the Jewish community leaders warned people to “KEEP AWAY”, and the “disorder” will be “actively encouraging anti-semitism and jew-baiting” (1). Working class jews ignored them, and led the blockades. The fascists did not pass. Only by uniting our class – even in spite of the words of “community leaders” – will we truly be free to end racism. We will take no lectures from those who have not learned this basic truth from history.

Zionism is supported by significant numbers of non-Jewish people. Including all of the Labour leadership contenders this year. Anti-zionism is a position held by significant sections of Jewish people.

Anti-zionism is something different to racism against Jewish people. If the IHRA conflates this then it is not appropriate for the Labour Party.

I’m not a supporter of BDS, but it is not a racist campaign and shouldn’t be treated as such.

It is a tactic to raise awareness of the treatment of Palestinian people in the state of Isreal.

More effective at solving the issue would be a mass working class movement of  those who consider themselves either Palestinian or Isreali to overthrow the Netanyahu regime, end the sectarian leadership of Hamas, and build a genuine socialist federation of middle eastern states, with democratically agreed borders and equal rights for all, as part of a socialist world.

(1) David Rosenberg, Morning Star & Etan Smallman , The Forward

Candidate Statement:

As a child, I watched New Labour attack firefighters, like my dad, striking for fair pay, whilst Iraq burned for oil. Tony Benn introduced me to socialism. The banks crashing the economy taught my generation that capitalism had failed.

Corbyn showed an alternative to war, racism, austerity and environmental destruction was possible, inspiring millions. We’d have a socialist Labour government now if we weren’t held back by some in our own party and other sections of the ruling class.

As a frontline NHS worker, I know its working people, not political careerists, who have the real power to change society. Labour needs to stand for working class democratic control of the key sectors of the economy, so we can run society for human need, not billionaire greed.

We must show active support for workers campaigns, democratising union affiliations. Open selections of MPs are essential and candidates should pledge to take a workers wage, donating the surplus to solidarity causes.

All aspects of party life must be under membership & affiliate control, through democratic national conferences and local District Labour Parties where we collectively decide selections, polices and campaigning priorities.

We have a world to win; our chains to lose.

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Ahmad Wattoo

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I fully endorse all the issues [included in the LLA Action Programme]. I will only add a further issue in my campaign that the  General Secretary shouldn’t be an employee. SH/e should be elected Officer at the time of leadership election. We lost our election in 2017 partly due to the party bureaucracy.

Our left members on NEC should be more responsive and engaged with membership. I received a message from my CLP member and she asked me, will you send us regular reports of NEC. I believe it’s very important. It keeps the members informed and they remain committed to a left agenda.

Candidate Statement:

I have been a member of the Labour party for over a decade and I am a member of Unit. I have a firm commitment in our socialist values. The current pandemic reinforced our resolve that we need a publicly funded NHS and effective and efficient public services. The current economic model has created a huge gap between the rich and poor and if the current model is not changed, the mega corporations will eat up states and societies. Corporate greed has destroyed our living system and it will continue to destroy our lives as we know them.

I have firm commitment to empower the members and strengthen democracy at every level in the party. I am resolute in driving out hatred and prejudices and strengthening the culture of inclusivity, fraternity and comradery.

I have proudly represented the Labour Party as a Parliamentary candidate in 2019 GE in the Carshalton & Wallington Constituency. I was Labour’s candidate in 2010, 2014 and 2018 local elections. I was elected as a BAME officer, Vice Chair and I have been the Chair of the Carshalton & Wallington CLP since 2017.

I am a team player and I never hesitate to take up challenges. I am active on social media, where I promote Labour’s message on local and national campaign events.

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Crispin Flintoff

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

Where I stand on issues mentioned by Labour left alliance

1) I will publish reports on NEC meetings and would try to list how everyone voted where that is possible for me to ascertain.

2) I would be delighted to be selected by a ballot of the grassroots membership.

3)  a) I am in favour of a planned economy and opposed to all privatisation

b) I’m in favour of open selections, but would not prioritise this above creating a mass membership party as open selection could penalise socialist MPs and councillors if the party loses members and becomes dominated by a small clique.

c) Someone on the NEC needs to speak up about democratisation, transparency and accountability without fear they will lose favour from the party bigwigs. I have no hopes of becoming an MP or being paid off in any way by the party and would be fired up to take this on.

d) Members should decide policy and I believe conference should be the authority on what policy decisions are made.

e) People should be innocent until proven guilty under the complaints procedure.

f) The bureaucrats who worked against the leadership to throw the 2017 General Election should all be expelled from the party.

g) I’m not going to answer the first two points as I may be suspended from the party if I do, but I am certainly opposed to the party implementing the board of deputies’ ten pledges.

Candidate Statement:

Labour needs to change the way it is run and party operations at the highest level must be reviewed urgently.
As things stand, annual accounts disclose the bare minimum of what would be expected of similar organisations, officials are appointed with no accountability and NEC members are denied vital information from party staff.
This isn’t the way to run a political party that seeks to govern the country.
At the same time as the party HQ spends vast sums on a bloated bureaucracy, Labour’s grassroots are famished.
CLPs are under-resourced (with most not having office space) and they are still expected to operate on only £2.50 per member, per year.
Fundraising for the local party is taking precedence over community outreach and campaigning.
If Labour is to recapture the ‘Red Wall’ and have a chance of forming a government, we will need to be a visible presence on the ground and this isn’t possible with the way the party is run at the moment.
I am standing for the NEC to highlight these issues and rally people behind a campaign for change: for concrete improvements to party governance and for CLPs to get a fair share of their members’ subscriptions.

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Ekua Bayunu

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I fully support the LLA agenda.

I would like to serve on the Labour Party NEC as your grassroots candidate because I have the skills and experience and passion and steadfast and sustained commitment to socialist values built up over nearly 40 years working with and for the most disadvantaged communities in the UK as a community arts activist. From London’s Eastend, to Pilton and Craigmillar in Edinburgh, across Derbyshire, throughout Manchester, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

My experience representing members in Labour movement structures:

I am an active member at branch, CLP and LCF levels. I currently hold the position of Arts & Culture Officer for my CLP, Manchester Central. I am the Secretary of Manchester Labour Women’s Forum, which represents all women members from across the 5 Manchester CLPs and am a delegate member to our LCF, called City Party in Manchester, which also cover all 5 CLPs across Manchester. I was a Manchester Central CLP delegate to Party Conference in 2019.

And I will Campaign for conference to become the Labour Party’s sovereign body.

As a socialist, I am a member of a range of organisations working closely to support the Labour Party, including the Socialist Health Association, Greater Manchester branch, Grassroots Black Left, for whom I am the Joint Northwest Co-ordinator with Anyanna Ndukwe, and various networks such as, Don’t Leave Organise and Manchester Central Labour Left.

I am supported by the Labour Black Socialists and I support our candidates Liz Okokon, Ade Adeshina, and Joyce Reid.

I support Councillors Jo Bird and Matt White for the NEC Local Government roles.

I am committed to the trade union movement and am currently working as a local rep with the Artist Union England as it builds its membership from a workforce who have been under sustained attack by successive tory governments, who very much understand the vital role we play in empowering communities. You only have to look at the role of artists in the Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter movements.
I am also a member of Unite Community.

The key priorities of the NEC over the next 2 years:

We need to focus on the democratisation of the Labour Party. Fighting to retain the gains we have made through the Democracy review and agreed at conference 2018, 2019.

Ensuring the structures supporting our transformation into a socialist, members-led party for example, Women Branches and BAME Branches, are rolled out and properly resourced across the country.
I’d like to ensure that the voice of black members is properly heard.
By black people, I mean all people from communities impacted by white imperialism.
We have been subject to levels of abuse within the party which have hampered our ability to raise our concerns and the issues of our communities fully. It is essential that all candidates commit to engaging with black self-organised groups, as part of committing to understanding and championing all people in our country.
I encourage the LLA and its membership to take a stand against forced deportations, the hostile environment and police brutality and acknowledge the impact of the enduring discrimination in access to justice, housing, education, health care and employment that has led to our communities being so disproportionally impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic.

I support the Campaign for Reparations to highlight and to bring redress to the peoples most impacted by the historic injustice of the African Slave Trade, Colonialism and British Imperialism.

I believe in the international solidarity with socialist causes across the world.

I support Labour Left Alliances commitment to Palestine.

I oppose attempts to label the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign as antisemitic;

I oppose any attempt to conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism.

I stand in solidarity with my Jewish Socialist comrades and their right to self-organise.

I oppose any attempt by the leadership to undermine party democracy. We must stand by the conference motion in support of Kashmir.
We must ensure that we are informed and aware of the suffering and struggles of all communities in the UK and across the world.

I will fight for the open selection process of candidates at both parliamentary and local level to ensure that our commitment to the selection of more diverse and representational candidates who are also answerable to members at constituency level is met.

I was selected as councillor candidate for Hulme Branch, Manchester Central CLP, for the postponed Council Elections in May 2020. This candidature will now roll forward to the elections in May 2021. I was actively supported by local comrades who worked hard to open the selection process so that they could engage with the candidate of their choice.

I commit to the scrapping of the trigger ballot process.

It is essential that we ensure that the complaints and disciplinary processes within the party are fair and unbiased and understood through a robust overhaul. However I also believe that all individuals are capable of change and that we, for example, should implement a thorough training and political education process during any suspensions alongside other punitive measures.
I agree that ALL disciplinary cases processed during the last five years should be subject to an unbiased re-examination. This is urgent and paramount. Natural justice must be bought to bear.
I say the same for any complaints during the same 5 year period to bring justice for those who have been left exposed and damaged by their concerns going uninvestigated and to take action against those who have worked against the aims of the Labour Party.

All comrades on the NEC must work to retain/rebuild membership through providing a clearer communication process between the knowledge/concerns of grassroots members and the leadership.
I will publish regular reports of NEC meetings, including details of how they and other NEC members have voted but as importantly I will commit to structures agreed with grassroots comrades to ensure I am listening to and aware of their concerns.
Most importantly that the NEC must work closely with the membership to build a strategy for the next general election.

Outside of the Labour Party, I work continuously towards creating structures that build engagement by and for working class communities, recognising the specific needs of black working class communities.
I am an active member of Tenants Union and have been active in a number of campaigns especially in my local Moss Side branch where as well as supporting campaigns around HMOs, Airbnb, homelessness, Section21 evictions, I am leading on work with social housing tenants which is my passion.
I am a member of Global Arts Mcr, through which I am championing the development of community led art spaces as a tool to empower local people to use the arts to improve their lives. We are currently focusing on developing CIWA, the Centre for International Women Artists, which in turn is working with local mutual aid organisations to look at using our resources post Covd19, to work with African heritage families and children who have been suffering the double trauma of the pandemic and police brutality as a result of existing and enduring inequalities.

Key Achievements in 2020:

Initiated the Stop Windrush Deportations rally in St Peters Square in Manchester, collaborating with a number of anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations

Led a Stop Police Brutality campaign with Labour Party members from across the region around the Taser attack on Ziggy Desmond Mombeyarara in Greater Manchester.

Worked collaboratively with a group of black women activists from the Labour Black Socialists to demand the NEC roll out the guidelines for setting up BAME and Women branches.

Set up Zoom Nation , A black-led initiative working with Labour Party comrades to deliver action focussed Anti-racism training to comrades from CLPs in Manchester, London and the East Midlands.

Volunteered with the Greenheys Community Assistance Volunteers and the Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid groups to support local people during the pandemic, including answering the Emergency Food Phone Line on a weekly rota.

Candidate Statement:

I have the skills, experience, passion and sustained commitment to socialist values built up over 40 years working with disadvantaged communities across the UK as a Community Arts activist. In London, the East Midlands, the Northwest and Edinburgh.

I am Arts & Culture Officer for Manchester Central CLP, Secretary of Manchester Labour Women’s Forum, representing women from across the 5 Manchester CLPs and a CLP delegate to our LCF and was delegate to Conference in 2019. I am the councillor candidate for Hulme, anticipating that I will become the councillor in 2021.

I am a committed Trades Unionist, a local rep for Artist Union England and a member of Unite Community.

I have a very strong organisational track record built through working at a senior level in the voluntary sector managing the needs of multiple stakeholders each with different priorities, agendas, reporting mechanisms and even end of year dates!

On the NEC, we need to move forward the democratisation of the Party ensuring structures agreed such as the Women and BAME Branches, are rolled out, properly resourced across the country.

Ensuring our complaints and disciplinary processes are fair, offering training and political education alongside punitive measures.

Working to retain/rebuild membership

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Steve Maggs

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I am a dedicated activist and currently Chair of Harborough CLP. I played an important role organising in both 2019 local and general elections. In the 2019 General Election I was campaign manager and also stepped in to be the legal agent. The campaign reached parts of the constituency we had not done before and we defied the national swing against the party.

I believe the party needs to maintain its radical policy platform and not compromise on the key elements that will bring about a more equal, fair and just society. A Labour Party not rooted in left wing policy and the improvement of the lives of the working class is not serving its purpose.

I will represent left wing members and the values of all members in everything I do if elected.

Outside of the party I have been volunteering to provide community support during the pandemic and work with leading groups for economic reform.

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Mark McDonald

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I am not on a slate. I am firmly of the view that there is strength in our unity, it is therefore essential that we unite as one party and work together to achieve the change needed to win back power.

We have to make Labour relevant to every member and voter. Socialism is about rolling up your sleeves and working within the community, taking Labour to the people not the other way round.

I have the skill set and over 30 years membership to be able to drive through a progressive agenda that will place the membership at the heart of our Party.

I am a person who gets things done, who takes the initiative, empowers the team and makes it happen. I left school at 16 and my world was changed by working for the NHS in the Operating Theatre, years later I went to night school and became a Barrister. I am now an international human rights lawyer.

I have worked in the UK, USA and Palestine and I co-founding Labour Friends of Palestine, all the time fighting for justice and against human rights abuses. I have the resilience and drive to enact the change we need.

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John Wiseman

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

Past left positions:
LRC North West Chair 4 years until 2015
LRC National Committee 9 years until 2018
LRC Executive committee 3 years until 2017
Amicus Unity Gazette National Treasurer 7 years until 2009
Labour Briefing Editorial Board for seven years until 2018

Current left positions:
Assistant Secretary North West United Left of Unite the Union Last 6 Years
North West Regional Coordinating Committee of United Left of Unite the Union 9 years

If you nominate me for the Labour NEC, I will be accountable to the people who drive the Labour party, you, its members, activists and councillors, with regular reports. We need to be a bottom up party. I am open, honest, hardworking and dedicated to our people in a very selfless way, always putting the movement first and will be around for the most vulnerable in the workplace and Community come what may. I am from the Labour Movement, it’s not what you do it’s who you are. I stick with the movement through thick and thin and have dedicated my life to wanting to better our lot. I believe in social Solidarity and working for collective aims and objectives, I believe in democracy and collective decision making even if you personally disagree, I want economic and social justice through socialism, which basically means I want more ownership and control of our economy either through public ownership of utilities or democratic worker Cooperatives, were economic equality along with respect and acceptance of difference is the aim. I am a skilled negotiator and I am knowledgeable about the movement and the very dynamic situations in highly charged environments, I have a steady and strategic approach to immediate and long term interests of policies that challenge the status quo to improve our lives. It is also important to put the conference decisions forward as sacred, as they are made by our members at the heart of the party. The legacy of Jeremy and John, must be continued. We must be transparent at all times through investigations, an make sure are fair and transparent, and make sure local CLPs are listened to. Membership fees need to be looked at, not based sector, but on what people can afford. Please support.

Candidate Statement:

As a democratic socialist, trade unionist and co-operator, we need change within the Labour party and movement. We need to be more democratic, reporting back within our structures and make ourselves more accountable to the communities and people that elect us. Conference must be a sovereign body within the party, which must be listened and adhered to more often. It has been the case that many decisions on policy have not been implemented. CLPs and BLPs need financial support to help in campaigning and generating further fundraising interest. Policy setting must start with the grassroots members. The NEC must listen to the demands of members and activists. We must champion the work of our parish, metropolitan, town and county councillors, as they are our frontline. Training of our members must be a priority and the importance of Equality and Diversity must be at the top of the agenda. Teaching about our Labour history, to our young people, is a way to build on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. We must never forget ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ Let us give hope a chance, and get elected to power, be ‘wise’ and nominate John Wiseman for the Labour NEC elections.

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Iram Woolley

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I am a strong campaigner who has over 15 years Trade Union experience. I am a School Governor, Unite Community Women’s Officer, and Felix Project Volunteer.

-I am standing because; I am passionate about Equalities and Disputes; as the intersectional working class, in Royal Mail Central London for over a decade, as a Shop Steward. Comrades, we need a Voice for the Voiceless.

-Through the Collective Responsibility at NEC, I want to be part of the Governing Body, and it’s policy-making processes, by sharing how we can get real results, and winning the next GE. I am a dominant campaigner. I have a lot of regard for leading comrades, and I will push limits with the support of comrades.

-In this time of Quarantine Detox, I call for all Broad Church to come together, and unite the equalities and humanity, for what the world needs. I will be the force for good, and create opportunities, and drive the changes through dialogue, and consultative data.

-Under lockdown, I believe it is the Labour Party activism, and passion to take on the unconscious bias that holds us down.

-Political Education and Political Choices, are no longer to be taken for granted

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Joyce Jasmine Reid

Attended LLA hustings event on 25th July (LINK HERE)

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I have been a member of the party for over ten years holding positions such as:

· Chair of Croydon Labour Local Campaign Forum

· Labour Party Conference Delegate for Croydon Central CLP (2018)

· Chair of Croydon Housing and Welfare Reform Committee (2019)

· Chair of Croydon Central CLP (2018-19)

As a political campaigner, I played a huge role in getting MPs elected through my strong community connections and campaigning experience in Croydon. I also spoke at the Labour Party Conference 2018 at the education debate. I am a champion for education given the importance it plays in social mobility.

I have over 30 years of experience in the field of healthcare, social work, and education. This includes advocacy work on women’s mental health and ending school exclusions.

As your NEC CLP representative, I will take action that will best support members needs and work to bring about positive changes and transparency.

I am a member of UNITE the union and other organizations that promote the advancement of underrepresented groups.

Please vote for the change you would like to see! VOTE FOR JOYCE REID also supporting Dr Liz Okokon, Jermain Jackman, Ekua Bayunu and Shaka Anderson.

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Adebayo Adekunle Adeshina

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I became a Labour Party activist in 1990 and a full party member in 1997, as I have high regards for the party’s ethos. In particular, “It’s believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potentials and all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few”. Having worked in public, private and voluntary sectors has equipped me with the skills and knowledge that will add value to my role as CLP’s NEC member. I have over 27 years’ experience of implementing and scrutinising government third sector contextual and conceptual underpinning frameworks and 26 plus years of management experience, managing social enterprise youth and community economic regeneration initiatives. Where I serve our communities with the rigor and zeal, and I believe that there is no better time to engage as a representative than the present time, when such skills are in high demand in a contemporary geopolitical environment. if given a chance to represent you and I promise to represent you to the best of my ability.

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Lee Wood

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

1) I believe that full transparency is necessary when being a member of the NEC, as it will be more accountable when decisions are made against the interests of the wider membership. I will not only publish regular reports on meetings including how each member voted, but I will also push for meetings to be recorded for the membership to view at a later date – this will be done to ensure absolute transparency between generic party reports and what actually happened.

2) My entire aim is to be selected by the grassroots membership as a whole standing on my own principles and not tied to a slate on one wing of the party or another.

3a) I will always fight for socialism and champion socialist principles at every opportunity, not just on the outside of the party, but I will also uphold those strong values when dealing with the anti-socialist elements within our own ranks. Capitalism or its’ most recent & hyperactive form of Neoliberalism has done nothing but become the very thing it warned people against in the decades following the Second World War, whilst destroying the planet more than any conflict ever has.

b) I’m in full favour of ‘Open Selections’ of every position within the Labour Party, including Westminster MP’s, if they are believed to be performing subpar (ensuring there are no mitigating circumstances which has lead to a drop in performance) or against the wishes & interests of the party and membership.

c) We need the whole party to be fully democratised at every single level of decision making, right from CLP’s and up to Conference. When it comes to CLP’s, they need to be given full autonomy when it comes to choosing their own Parliamentary Candidates (if they don’t already have one) without waiting for approval from higher up in the party, and the same goes for CLP’s who already have a sitting MP or candidate if they are going against the wishes of members.

d) Policy decision making needs to be democratised at every level of the party, and instead of scrapping the National Policy Forum we should look at the potential of reforming it from the ground-up. One possible route would be to break it apart and create elected Policy Committees at the local level, where the positions would be filled by our local membership. This could then lead up to an online platform where submissions could be made and debated upon by the entire Labour membership.

e) I am in favour of the proposition to overhaul the party’s complaints and disciplinary procedures to be carried out in accordance with the principles of natural justice and be time limited. For too long we have had incidents where cases have been drawn out for too long to satisfy one political agenda or another. I believe that anyone accused of wrongdoing should be given all the evidence submitted against them and be given a cast-iron guarantee that they will be treated fairly and regarded as innocent until proven guilty.

f) The fact that the ‘leaked report’ has been swiftly buried is a massive disservice to not only the membership & the party, but the millions of people who desperately (and ironically) need a Labour government at this present moment in time. For five long years we had to mitigate the damage of political arsonists within our own party who turned their cannon fire on our own foundations rather than the disunified Tory party, they should be made to answer for the actions they committed.

g) When it comes to the actions of the Israeli government and its’ proponents, and how they treat anyone who opposes or criticises them – I believe that it is best to leave that decision down to the party membership as a whole. We need an open and extremely honest discussion on this matter, in order to come up with a comprehensive and collective answer; the fact that this has been a mostly top-down diktat is obscene and goes against everything we stand for as a ‘socialist’ and ‘just’ political party.

Candidate Statement:

I joined the Labour Party in 2014 because I believed in the principles in which it was founded upon – that of fairness, justice, equity, and standing up for the vulnerable in society. Since then I have campaigned for the party alongside my comrades in the Tamworth CLP, for both myself and my fellow candidates in the annual Borough elections, and for the candidates who have stood in the past three General Elections. I have also heled the role of our CLP’s Social Media Officer for almost four years, so I understand what is needed to get our message out clearly & effectively.
I am standing for the NEC because I believe that we can achieve so much more when we are standing together as a collective, whilst not sacrificing on our principles nor our shared vision on the society we want to create for everyone. We have come a long way in the past five years despite our setbacks, and I would like to put my “on-the-ground” experience to a much more beneficial use by working alongside fellow comrades ensuring that we stand as ‘one’ in our common endeavour to create a better world.

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Elliot Pfebve

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I fully commit to the principles of Left Labour Alliance as the ONLY vehicle of social justice and equitable distribution of wealth.

Since 1999 I have been championing the rights of marginalised, the working class, the peasants and the minorities from two continents, Africa and UK.
I strongly believe in a socialist ideology, fully compliance in closing the gap between poor and the rich through radical policies that brings social mobility to the marginalised. That underpin the end of greedy capitalism and in comes a socio-economic order driven by the power of the masses. Such a system demands accountability to public offices.

On climate change, it is a topic that is core to my heart, I have written a book; Social Justice and Food Security: A UN challenge (Amazon). In this book I attacked the greedy capitalists who continue to pollute the environment without due regard to future generations. I have advocated for a FairTrade, social justice and an end to big brother mentality.

I grew up from pleasantly poor families in Zimbabwe, and such an upbringing gives me an entrenched fight for social mobility and fully entrusted civil rights. A streamlining of disciplinary procedures to align with natural justice should be the guiding principles for Labour Party and a future Labour government. If I am elected in NEC, I will be fearlessly fighting for the LLA convictions and objectives without any reservation.

Candidate Statement:

I am applying to be considered for NEC Div III (CLP) in the coming elections. I have been member of Labour Party since 2015, Walsall North CLP. I am also on the 2020 panel of Council Candidates for Walsall City.

I have over 15 years of political experience, bring in much needed diversity and political capital to the NEC Labour Party. I have worked in community projects and campaigning that included leaflet distribution, phone bank volunteering and attending meetings on party policy.

My profession as a University Lecturer, in Management and Leadership (Coventry University), brings in key skills to contribute to Labour Party leadership ethics, policy formulation and upholding the highest standards through public scrutiny.

I am very much interested in joining the Policy Commissions, especially the Commission for Economy, Business & Trade. I have travelled widely and originally from Zimbabwe, making me an asset in diversity and contributing to the Commission for International affairs. I have international networks gained through seminars, forums and summits in my role as EU Envoy for 5 years. I am satisfied that I will rise to the challenges of the Labour Party’s equitable distribution of wealth and bring in a fairer Britain.

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Fiona Dent

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

No response as yet.

Candidate Statement:

I am an active non-sectarian Socialist, a lifelong Labour member, door knocker, blogger, ‘Save Our NHS’ campaigner (inc Jarrow to Westminster March 2014), Public servant and as a Health Commissioner I fought the swingeing cuts to the NHS, twice PPC in challenging constituencies, ex Councillor, ex Economy Commission, environment and human rights campaigner, sculptor, painter and general washer upper. Unison- Unite – Artist’s Union of England member.

My pledges are to work to
Ensure that Party structure, rules and processes are fair for all members.
Democratise the Party further.
Ensure that CLPs have a greater say in campaign planning and the resources to do it.

Along with CLP members around the country I want to see greater connectivity between leadership and local parties: During my 3 years on the National Policy Forum I did just that by helping fellow members to follow, engage and contribute to policy debate.- I am committed to democratising our Party and policy development.

If you elect me I will listen to your concerns, speak up for you and report in writing after each meeting. I am a loyal, left of centre stalwart of our Party who supports you, the elected Leader and campaigns to win

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Donald Roy

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

I can sign up to 1. and 2. with the exception of reporting on other people’s voting.

I am comfortable with items (a) to (f) under question 3 so long as normal standards of proof apply to 3 (f).

With regard to 3 (g) I can see little merit in challenging a position to which the leader is committed so explicitly and firmly. Exploring implications and interpretation is another matter entirely and might offer a way to a more nuanced approach in time.

Candidate Statement:

Active member of Labour Party in Putney continuously since early 1970s. Many roles over that time, most recently Campaign Co-Ordinator, Vice-Chair (Campaigns) and constituency Secretary. During last few years Putney acquired more Labour Councillors, a Labour Member of the London Assembly and, most recently a Labour M.P. No single cause for these achievements nor were they attributable to any one person. Nonetheless someone present throughout the process may have something to contribute to discussions as to Labour can gain and hold ground in elections. Over the last few years I have served as Chair of Trustees of a local charity (Wandsworth Care Alliance), as founding Chair of Healthwatch Wandsworth and am currently on the Council of Governors of St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Although long retired I remain active professionally as a member of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth and the Royal Economic Society. I am also a retired member of PROSPECT. Looking to provide accountability through regular reports and constituency visits and to seek to ensure fairness and transparency in the treatment of disciplinary matters and campaigning performance.

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Katherine Foy

Response to the LLA Action Programme for the Left:

Firstly may I say I agree wholeheartedly with your objections to the current ‘slate’ tactics used in NEC elections. It feels as if these processes are very much designed to rig the NEC election in favour of insider candidates, and to exclude any genuinely independent candidate from contention.

I also believe that the NEC CLP section should be used to give a voice to ordinary members, and that all barriers to this, including restricting independent candidates from gaining ballot nominations, should be removed.

To answer your questions, and to give some impression of where my views align with your own:

1) Publish regular reports of NEC meetings, including details of how they and other NEC members have voted?

I would be happy to give regular reports of NEC meetings. I have been of the view that the NEC would operate better under a system of collective responsibility – we’ve had too many years of factional briefing and leaking. The NEC needs to publically speak and act as one in the interests of electing a left wing socialist Labour Government – instead of being used as a platform for inter-factional warfare.

I am not however fixed on this viewpoint, and I would be open to publically reporting NEC votes if this could be mutually agreed with the other members of the NEC.

I don’t believe that it would be right for me to reveal the votes of my comrades without their consent.

2) Selected by ballot of the grassroots membership?

I’m not 100% certain what this is asking of me in this context – but I am happy for you to put me forward to your own internal ballot.

3) Stand on a minimum political platform that includes a public commitment to:

a) Fight for socialism (including democratic ownership and control of a planned economy) and opposing the ruinous system of capitalism.

Absolutely, and without reservation.

b) Campaign for open selections for all Labour Party public office holders – including Westminster MPs, which requires the scrapping of the trigger ballot.

Absolutely. We need to end the culture of ‘jobs for life’ that enables MPs, Cllrs, and Party Officials to think that they are better than the members who put them there. We should also implement a rule that requires all defecting MPs or Cllrs to resign their seats and trigger by-elections. Labour votes and Labour members should not be used to kickstart minor party vanity projects.

c) Thorough democratisation of the Labour Party, including transparent decision-making on all levels of the party.

Another yes from me. The party needs to be the voice of its members – not the voice of its management.

d) Campaign for conference to become the Labour Party’s sovereign body, especially when it comes to deciding policy. This requires the scrapping the National Policy Forum, which was set up under Tony Blair.

Yes, totally. If we believe in democracy, we must democratise our policy making. Our manifesto should never be written in secret by a small clique of the leadership’s favourites.

e) Campaign for the Labour Party’s complaints and disciplinary procedures to be overhauled so that disciplinary procedures are carried out in accordance with the principles of natural justice, and be time-limited: charges not resolved within three months should be automatically dropped. An accused member should be given all the evidence submitted against them and be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. All disciplinary cases processed during the last five years have to be overturned, pending unbiased re-examination.

I believe that we need a fully independent complaints process, free of factional control, and which enables all complaints to be investigated fairly and in a timely manner; without political interference on behalf of any faction.

The complaints body should be given a clear frame of reference that enables them to investigate bigotry against any protected class. I would be wary of suggesting a time limit for investigations, as this is something that would allow abusers to knowingly ‘time out’ investigations against them. I would also be wary about suggesting that accused should be given all evidence – as there may be safeguarding risks if, for example, naming a whistle blower risks their safety; or if the investigation relates to sexual abuse or assault. As a general principle investigations should never happen in secret, and innocence must be presumed until proven otherwise – however we should not put in place barriers that prevent vulnerable and abused people from coming forward.

For example, in a scenario where an abused caseworker of constituent was to report sexual harassment by her MP, it may be necesssary to hide ther identity from the accused to protect them from subsequent victimisation.

I would oppose a blanket overturning of all cases from the last five years. Re-examination ought to be case by case where an independent review of evidence is sufficient to justify the appeal.

f) Campaign to bring to justice those who have been exposed in the ‘leaked report’ as having worked against the aims of the Labour Party.

We should seek to prosecute individuals who can be proven to have sabotaged the chances of a Labour Government being elected over the past 5 years.

As a trans woman, it is deeply apparent to me that Dawn Butler might otherwise be in the Equalities Office right now, and that rather than facing an all out assault on my rights from Liz Truss, I would instead be able to secure Self-ID as my real ID, while continuing my medical transition under an NHS that hasn’t been run into the ground to soften it up for sale.

Like many members I feel robbed of this future by the arrogance of party officials who couldn’t face the prospect of a left wing leader being successful.

I am also angry at the allegations of racial abuse and targeted harassment directed towards the former Shadow Home Secretary, and believe that examples need to be made to show that ‘zero tolerance’ means ‘zero tolerance’

g) Campaign for Labour to:

– oppose attempts to label the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign as antisemitic;

– overturn the party’s commitment to the so-called definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which conflates anti-Zionism with antisemitism in a number of its examples;

– oppose the party implementing the Board of Deputies’ 10 Pledges, as they undermine party democracy

We’re probably not going to see eye-to-eye on this one. Our Party absolutely shat the bed on antisemitism over the past five years, and we’re long beyond the point where we can factionally finger point and pretend we aren’t collectively culpable.

I know that antisemitism is rife within sections of the broader left, and that an obsessive policy focus on Israel is often a cause and enabler of this. I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t seen or experienced this first hand, or that my Jewish friends don’t deserve better.

The Party needs to draw a clear line in the sand on antisemitism.

Frankly I don’t think it is within the scope of the NEC to have a stance on Israel. I believe that Party policy, including our foreign policy, sits best within decisions made democratically at Conference.

It is within the NECs role, for now, to have influence over both Disputes and Equalities. Within this capacity, the NEC has a clear moral duty to set expectations on dealing with bigotry against all minority groups, including Jewish members.

As a trans woman, I’ve heard enough ‘legitimate concerns’ used to shield expressions of outright transphobia. I’m not so naive to believe that the same thing doesn’t happen with anti-Israel discourse.

I believe that what is and isn’t antisemitism should be defined by Jewish people. As an English Pagan I don’t get to define the oppression that another religious and racial minority experiences, or to tell them that their experiences or their pain is invalid.

I would seek to listen to a broad range of Jewish voices – in and outside the party – to ensure that our complaints process has a frame of reference for investigating antisemitism that best reflects the needs and the vulnerabilities of those voices.

Candidate Statement:

I’m a 31 year old working class trans woman. The media pretends that I don’t exist, that I don’t matter, that my priorities are not those of every other human beings.

I want a Labour Party that fights to win, that isn’t ashamed of its values or its members.

I’ve worked in call centres and on shop floors. I first knocked doors for Labour in 2007. I’ve campaigned to win council seats. Winning means being strong in our organisation and in our structures. It means rooting out bigotry wherever it is found.

Ordinary members voices must be heard in the highest offices of this party. We cannot win with a disillusioned membership, or with hollowed out local branches.

We can care about people’s jobs, homes and health; while also caring about human dignity. These priorities are not opposed – these are inseparable.

We must not backslide in our commitment to minority rights. We cannot pick and choose which forms of bigotry we oppose. I want a Labour Party that is bold in standing up for black lives and trans rights, and firmly against antisemitism.

Silence is complicity – zero tolerance must mean zero tolerance.

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