August 20, 2022

4) Other motions to LLA conference

4.1. Against socialist participation in Starmer’s shadow cabinet

Conference motion proposed by Labour Party Marxists

LLA condemns the June 25 sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from Labour’s shadow cabinet, but rejects calls for her reinstatement.

The LLA steering committee’s June 28 call for RLB’s reinstatement was a mistake. RLB calls herself a socialist – she is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs. We oppose the participation of socialist MPs in capitalist governments, and likewise oppose socialist MPs being members of shadow cabinets which do not aspire to challenge the rule of capitalism.

The place for socialist MPs is on the backbenches as the extreme opposition, directing their fire against Labour’s pro-capitalist front bench, acting as tribunes of the people, championing extra- parliamentary struggles and campaigning for the replacement of the rule of the capitalist class by the rule of the working class – socialism.

As Keir Hardie famously said in 1910, we need Labour MPs, “not to keep governments in office or to turn them out, but to organise the working class into a great, independent political power to fight for the coming of socialism”.