August 20, 2022

Amendments to lead statement Version 2

1. Proposed by Labour Party Marxists

In para vii), DELETE the last bullet point, beginning “full citizenship rights …”, and INSERT the following additional bullet points:

* Large numbers of workers have come to Britain to escape poverty, lack of opportunity, war or persecution. Capital moves around the world without restriction. As a matter of principle, we are for the right of people to live in whatever country they choose and therefore against measures preventing people entering or leaving countries. Simultaneously we seek to end poverty, lack of opportunity, war and persecution everywhere.

* It is in the interests of all workers that migrant communities are integrated. We demand the right to full citizenship after 6-months residence. We fight to end discrimination based on race, ethnicity or culture by state or private bodies.

* The capitalist state has an official ideology of anti-racism. Of course, racism still exists, as does national chauvinist consensus which champions British imperialism’s interests against foreign rivals and sets worker against worker. Our slogan is “workers of the world unite”.

* Women are oppressed because of the system of exploitation and the division of labour. Women’s oppression has existed since the dawn of class society. Ending exploitation will mark the beginning of women’s emancipation. Therefore, the struggle against class exploitation and women’s oppression is interconnected.

* Turn formal equality into genuine equality. Towards that end we demand free 24-hour creches and kindergartens, fully paid maternity leave for 12 months, free abortion and contraception on demand, maximum six-hour working day for nursing mothers, full support for women fleeing violence within the home.

* Environment: we are against the destructive, wasteful and polluting logic of capital. Our aim is not only to put a stop to the destruction of nature. For the sake of future generations, we must seek to restore and where possible enhance the riches of nature – forests, natural flood planes, marshes, fens and heath land. Extensive wilderness areas should be set aside along with the reintroduction of the full array of native plant and animal species.

* We demand free city and local transport. Nationalise the land. Tax polluters. Phase out beef production. Encourage vegetarian and vegan diets. Minimise carbon, methane and other such global warming gas outputs by transport, industry and agriculture. Bring work and domestic life closer together. Green the towns and cities with trees, roof gardens planted walls, allotments, wild parks and small farms.